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19 Sep: Tech that keeps your little one safe for Baby Safety Month

Technology has transformed the way parents are able to care for their little loved ones.

From smart monitors to virtual doctor visits, new products are giving parents peace of mind and allowing for less worry — and more play.

September is Baby Safety Month, so we talked with Whitney Hill, senior merchant for smart nursery, to get her baby safety must-haves.

“Being a parent can be overwhelming, but technology makes the entire process easier than ever before,” she said.


24 Jun: Nursery tech device notifies Louisiana Best Buy employee at the right time

When Best Buy Blue Shirt Carl Scott’s son was born prematurely, friends and relatives were on high alert to make sure the family had everything they needed to monitor the baby’s progress and health.

Someone gave them an Owlet Smart Sock, which monitors an infant’s heart rate and oxygen level. At first, Carl wasn’t so sure about getting the gadget as a gift.

“To be honest, I was like, ‘Hopefully they send me a gift receipt so I can buy something else.’”

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11 May: Peek-A-Boo: Smart Nursery Products Help Monitor and Care for Baby

Parents want to keep their babies safe, sound and satisfied. Now, smart nursery products help make that easier.

For today’s tech-savvy parents, Best Buy now has a new collection of internet-connected nursery devices. You can find them in every big box store across the country and online at

In addition to products we’ve sold for years – like connected baby monitors and food preparation appliances – we’ve added smart products that help parents do everything from monitoring babies’ oxygen levels, to tracking their food intake, to sharing special moments with family and friends.