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29 Jun: 5 Tips for the Best Fourth of July Party

The Fourth of July and entertaining go hand-in-hand. If you’re hosting the patriotic party this year, Best Buy has the small appliances and tech gadgets that help with party prepping, entertaining and even the cleaning. But having the latest gadgets is only half the battle. Here are five tips to make the most of your Independence Day party.

Prepare Food Beforehand: Prepare dishes as much as you can before the party begins so you don’t have to worry about it when you should be spending time with your guests.

19 Feb: 4 Tips to Keep Your Phone Germ-Free as Possible

Flu season is overstaying its welcome this winter, and the CDC can prove it.

Your mobile phone, that thing that’s probably attached to your hand most of the day, is a magnet for germs, and we’ve been getting questions from customers on the best way to keep it clean.

Our Geek Squad Agents have answers. See what they say to four frequently asked questions about mobile device hygiene.


1. What’s the safest way to disinfect (clean and kill germs) most mobile phones?

28 Nov: 5 Cyber Monday Tips: Keep Your Digital Data Safe

Online shopping has become a popular trend during the holiday season, for obvious reasons. Why go to the store when you can shop in your PJs? Although super convenient, this option can potentially put your personal information at risk.

Here are five great safety tips to help you get that special gift delivered to your door and avoid a bill filled with fraudulent charges.

  1. Secure that network. A secure connection to the Internet is key in preventing unauthorized access to your information.