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03 Feb: Make Sure Your TV Isn’t Going to Tip Over

Whether it’s family movie night or the premier of a long-awaited show, the TV is often the center of family entertainment. I know it’s pretty popular in my house.

This weekend in particular, millions will be gathering in living rooms across the country to watch the Big Game.

It’s no coincidence that the day before the game is National TV Safety Day. It’s a great time to raise awareness about TV tip-over accidents and educate homeowners about securing their TVs.

Even with TVs becoming lighter and slimmer, TV tip-overs are still an issue.

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02 Feb: To Avoid TV Tip-Overs, Follow These 5 Safety Steps

More than 100 million people will turn on their televisions Sunday to watch the big football game.

As you’re gearing up to join them, we want to help keep your home safe from a potential danger: TV tip-overs.

A child visits an emergency room every 45 minutes because of an injury from a television tipping over, according to a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission report.

Here are five things to know about preventing TV tip-over accidents:

  • It’s all about the stand.