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The Mother of All Mother’s Day Gift Lists

When it comes to the women who have mentored us, supported us and inspired us, finding the right way to say thank you can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Best Buy is here to help (especially if you’re a last-minute shopper).

Our Top Tech For Mom list is a curated set of tools and tech that will make Mom’s life easier, fuller and richer — just the way she has yours. 

You can view the full list here. It’s as diverse as all the incredible mothers out there, but here are a few highlights.

Go, Mom, go!

Mom will always be your No. 1 cheerleader, whether she’s rooting for you from the sidelines or driving you across town to your big event. For moms on the go, there’s obvious appeal in wearable tech. The Fitbit Versa smart watch looks great with any outfit (like its other perks aren’t enough!) and clues you in to notifications from your smartphone, while the Apple Watch S3 lets you leave your phone behind with its ability to connect to cellular networks.

And Mom will be sure to make it to your special event with time to spare with the help of the Garmin Speak Plus in her vehicle. The Alexa-powered, voice-controlled will give her access to music, news and navigation. The built-in dash cam helps warn against forward collisions and lane departures.

Thanks for the memories

We all know kids grow up so fast. That’s why so many moms are passionate about capturing every small moment, whether on their smartphones or with a nice DSLR higher-end camera. But photos and videos shouldn’t just live on a hard drive — they’re meant to be shared, relived and engaged with.

Consider hooking Mom up with an HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 Laptop. It has plenty of storage space and RAM to allow for all her photos and videos. The convertible style and add-ons like its stylus pen allow for an almost-infinite number of ways to interact with and show off those memory-makingmoments. 

If your mother already has the machine, consider gifting photo-editing programs like Photoshop or Lightroom that will inspire her to show off more of her best pics.

Some Mom time

An opportunity to escape the everyday hustle might just be what Mom needs. Voracious readers will love a Kindle Paperwhite, which can hold up to 1,000 books. Cinephiles might love a great mother-themed movie like Lady Bird or a family-favorite visual extravaganza like The Greatest Showman.

Helping your mother free up the time to escape is a different story. A voice assistant will quickly become her go-to tool for schedule management, family entertainment and smart home control.  And the iRobot Roomba 890 will ensure that she can be choosier with her chores and spend more time with her family.  Moms love a clean house — especially when they’re not the ones who have to clean it!


You can check out the full list on BestBuy.com, or stop by your local Best Buy store for more inspiration.