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Tips for a sustainable game day

It’s that time of year again. The Big Game is approaching, and football fans from all over are preparing for one of the most important games of the season.

When it comes to the Big Game, you might not be thinking about ways you can live more sustainably, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few tips to help you create a winning game plan and make all your at-home game day experiences more sustainable.

Trade in your used electronics

Thinking about updating your electronics for the big game? As the nation’s largest retail collector of e-waste, our recycling program takes all kinds of tech. We make it easy to recycle your old tech – no matter where you bought it, how old it is or who made it. You can learn more about the program and the types of technology we accept, here.

And don’t forget, if you’re upgrading your home theater setup with a big item like a new TV, take advantage of our haul-away program and have Geek Squad or Best Buy Home Delivery recycle it for you.

Upgrade your sound

Whether you’re watching the Big Game for the football, the commercials, or even just for the halftime show, your experience won’t be complete without top-tier sound.

ENERGY STAR sound systems like the Samsung 2.1 ch sound bar or the Samsung 3.1 ch soundbar are up to 70% more energy efficient than conventional models of sound. With all the same “must have” features as conventional sound models, you won’t miss a beat.

Smart home tech with the assist

The game might get tense, so connecting your smart thermostat to your phone is an easy way to keep your climate in control without having to leave your couch.

Smart thermostats like the Google Nest Thermostat or the Ecobee lite Thermostat are Wi-Fi-enabled and automatically adjust to your heating and cooling preferences.

Start and end with food

It’s not the Big Game without food – from wings to queso and everything in between. With a little planning, the way you utilize your food waste could help your plants grow.

Before the event, label your trash, compost, and recycling bins more clearly to make it easier for guests to separate their waste. Have your guests set food scraps like chicken bones and fruit skins into the compost bin and watch it turn into fertilizer before your eyes (or at least 4-8 hours). With the Vitamix FoodCycler, you can cut down on food waste by up to 90%, all while creating a fertilizer for your at-home garden.

For more tech tips on how to upgrade your game watching experience, click here. To find more sustainable products that fit your lifestyle, click here.

To find more sustainable products that fit your lifestyle, click here.