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Want Your Drinks Made Your Way? This Tech Can help

Have you ever said “not so hot” or “more froth” when ordering at a coffee shop? How about “on the rocks” or “the hoppier the better” when ordering at a bar or brewery?

If your answer is yes, then you’re in good company. Like lots of other people, you know what you like when it comes to your favorite drinks.

If you like more control and customization, technology is your friend. Whether your favorite brew is specialty coffee, tea or craft beer, check out these options for your kitchen.

The Barista

Coffee is no longer limited to a drip brew with breakfast. High-end beverages are in demand because coffee drinkers are ordering more flavored, frozen and frothy drinks. And you don’t have to leave home to enjoy them.

The Nespresso Vertuoline Espresso Maker, KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Bodum French Press fit your coffee preferences and lifestyle. (You can find the right appliance for your favorite brews with this guide.)

Partial to tea instead of coffee? Techy tea makers eliminate the guesswork of water temperatures and brew times based on the type of tea so you get the fullest flavors.

The Craft Brew Fanatic

The PicoBrew system lets enthusiasts try their hand at making their own fresh beer at home. Choose recipes from dozens of breweries, let the fermentation process happen and drink in as little time as a week.

If you just want to enjoy beer straight from the tap, you might want to snag a kegerator. Insignia kegerators double as a refrigerator and a tap, allowing you to dispense chilled beer straight from the bar while maintaining the quality of the beer.

Or, store enough craft bottles and cans for the entire party with a beverage cooler.

The Mixologist

Smart drink scales make it easy to concoct cocktails without any bartending expertise. Pairing with your tablet or your phone, this scale tells you when to stop pouring, so there’s no need to measure.

In addition, with portable ice cube makers, you can change the size of cubes depending on your drink of choice.

The Wine Enthusiast

Enjoy finer wines with wine accessories. Aerators help the wine breathe and remove any sedimentation in the bottle, while purifiers like Ullo filter out excess sulfites to preserve their natural levels, ultimately enhancing the flavor of your pour. And electric openers make easy work of removing corks.

Wine refrigerators from Insignia keep your bottle collection chilled to ideal temperatures, slowing the aging process down until the wine is ready to be enjoyed. Added bonus — the coolers come in a variety of sizes to enhance any bar while catering to any collection size.


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