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12 Sep: These 4 Stats Matter Most for Football (On TV)

You’re ready for some football, but what about your TV?

With the kickoff of the college and pro seasons, millions of Americans will be spending hours at home watching games. With today’s televisions, there’s no better place to root for the home team.

We talked to Mike Dye, a Magnolia home theater expert at our Best Buy store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, to get his playbook for how to choose the right TV for catching all the football action this season.


24 Jul: Turn Back the Clock for Geek Squad’s 20th Birthday: ’94 vs. 2014

What better time to reminisce about the technology of two decades ago than this, the Geek Squad’s 20th birthday year.

Let’s  mentally teleport back to the age of copious amounts of cookie-cutter boy bands, jean overalls with one strap undone, and Jansport backpacks.

To get in the right ’90s mindset, check out which movies were hot on VHS — yes VHS — back in 1994.


Laptops: From thick bricks to dynamic 2-in-1 shape-shifting gadgets



Today’s version of the PC laptop averages $399, so just a bit more affordable than that heavy $2,000+ version.