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07 Oct: Best Buy’s Geek Squad, NETGEAR Team to Create New Wi-Fi Router

American households have more connected devices than ever. Yet many of us often overlook the reality that adding devices — from smartphones to computers to televisions — can strain our Wi-Fi networks and slow down connection speeds.

To help solve these connection problems, Best Buy and Geek Squad have joined with NETGEAR to create a single solution that combines the high-performance NETGEAR Nighthawk DST AC1900 router with Geek Squad setup and a year of free continuing online and phone support.

The router, built to the specifications of Best Buy, can keep up with the growing number of connected devices in the home, while also virtually eliminating Wi-Fi dead zones.

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14 Sep: Best Buy Revamps Geek Squad Support Services

New plans give consumers unmatched help and expert advice for their computing needs, in-store and online

Technology has changed the world but knowing how to keep it all working – or even get the most out of it – isn’t easy. The fact is, as much as we love our technology, many of us could use some help with it. That’s where Best Buy and Geek Squad come in. We are the technology experts who can help you set up your technology and the one-stop shop you can turn to when something goes wrong.