Holiday hiring


30 Sep: Holiday Workers Find Careers In Best Buy Distribution Centers

Jiggy Oliva was seeking a place to work for a few months during the 2018 holiday season. He got a job at Best Buy and never left.

He started as a seasonal employee at our distribution center in Compton, California, where his brother, Cesar Cervantes, had started working during the previous holiday season. Jiggy landed a permanent part-time role the following January and is now talking about moving into a full-time role.

“I was just looking to make a little money on the side for the holidays,” he said.


22 Sep: Best Buy Hiring Thousands For The Holidays

Best Buy is gearing up for the holidays by hiring thousands of employees across the country.

All our stores will host job fairs on Sept. 24-25 and Oct. 3-4 for seasonal positions. Those interested can apply online for jobs in sales, customer service, merchandising inventory, car install technicians and more, as well as for positions in our distribution centers.

The job fairs may include same-day interviews and on-the-spot job offers.

And new this year, Best Buy offers a minimum of $15 per hour starting pay.


10 Oct: Best Buy named best company to work for during holiday season

When it comes to seasonal employment, Glassdoor ranked Best Buy as the No. 1 company to work for during the holidays.

Glassdoor analyzed millions of reviews by seasonal employees in retail, customer service, sales, labor and transportation. Best Buy got the highest marks for culture and values, senior leadership and career opportunities.

And get this: Nearly half of Best Buy store general managers started as part-time or seasonal workers.

If you’re interested in seasonal employment at Best Buy, we’re holding our national Holiday Hiring Fair event today and Friday.


04 Oct: Best Buy hiring thousands to help customers this holiday season

Omar Yusuf applied for a seasonal job in computers at Best Buy two years ago, never thinking it would turn into a career.

“When I started, it was around November, so I just got thrown into the frenzy,” Omar said. “I was in checkouts, and it felt like a rush. It’s really fun, actually.”

Now, Omar is a full-time expert of all things smart home at Best Buy’s store in Maplewood, Minnesota.

His story is fairly common at Best Buy. People come in for a part-time gig or to earn extra spending money, and they end up staying and building a career.