09 Aug: Pre-order Samsung Galaxy Note9 at Best Buy starting Aug. 10

Samsung introduced the newest member of the Galaxy smartphone family today, the Galaxy Note9.

The flagship phone will be available for pre-order on and at your local Best Buy store starting Friday, Aug. 10. The phone arrives Aug. 24.

Pre-order on a Verizon, AT&T or Sprint plan and you can save up to $200 with qualified activation at Best Buy.

Unlocked customers can save big, too. Trade in an eligible smartphone at a Best Buy store and get up to $450 toward the Galaxy Note9.

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05 Feb: Fight Against Flu Includes Keeping Your Phone Clean

You’ve made it this far into winter without succumbing to a fever, the chills and the aches. Don’t let your guard down yet, though — we’re still in the heart of flu season.

You got your flu shot, and you heed the warnings about washing your hands and covering your mouth. But have you thought about that germ cesspool you touch a thousand times a day? 

Yes, it’s your cellphone (and other tech devices, for that matter). 

”Your cellphone can get pretty dirty,” says Agent Nick Karakatsoulis, who manages the Geek Squad at the Best Buy store in Mobile, Alabama.

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06 Apr: 5 Easy Tips for Saving Space on Your Smartphone

Spring’s arrival means no more procrastinating. It’s time to roll up your sleeves, pack up the old clothes collecting dust in your closet and take them to the nearest donation center. Let’s be honest, you know you’re never going to wear that shirt you’ve had since high school.

Making space in our closets serves its purpose. But it also provides a friendly reminder to make space in another everyday part of our lives: our smartphones.

Sadly, our beloved phones only come with a finite amount of built-in storage, which poses a challenge to those of us who frequently take pictures, record video and download the latest apps.

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31 Mar: Why World Backup Day Matters: A Real World Example

The year is 2012. My sweet and adorable 3-year-old asks if he can play with my phone.

I say no.

He protests.

I hold my ground: “No. It’s time for night-night.”

Turning my back, I shift my focus and attend to his brothers, another 3-year-old and a 5-year-old, and complete the gauntlet that is the bedtime routine of three little boys.

With lights out, mama’s out. My time to flip on cartoon-less TV and jump on the ol’ social media to catch up with friends.

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21 Nov: Mobile Devices Make Good Kitchen Helpers

From cooking Thanksgiving dinner for your family to baking gingerbread cookies for friends, you’re likely to put some serious time in the kitchen this holiday season. Lucky for you, your No. 1 kitchen helper might be in your pocket or on the counter: your smartphone or tablet.

Here are three ways your mobile device can help make your holiday cooking experience easy and fun.


Some of the best recipes out there aren’t just in your cookbooks or scrawled on notecards – they’re   on the internet.

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01 Aug: Explore the Great Outdoors with Your Smartphone

Many of us like to hit the great outdoors to take a break from our jobs, the hustle and bustle of city life, and the tether of technology.

But getting away from it all doesn’t mean you have to trade in your smartphone for a walking stick. There are plenty of ways to integrate technology to enhance your nature time while remaining (mostly) unplugged.

Your smartphone can be a handy outdoors helper. No doubt you have a preferred weather app (use it!)

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16 Mar: Shenanigans Sink Your Smartphone? Here Are Tips For Drying It Out

If you find your festive self in a bit of mischief this St. Patrick’s Day and your smartphone ends up in a pint (or pitcher) of beer, worry not.

Best Buy’s Geek Squad Agents have seen all types of tech shenanigans, and they have some handy tips for drying out your liquid-logged device. Consider the advice below so you can get back to enjoying your green beer, taking your orange-bearded selfies and dancing to your favorite Celtic tunes.

So if your gadget took a swim.

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12 Jan: Keep Your Tech Safe When Winter Weather Hits

While you’re busy bundling up to stay warm when icy Arctic air hits, don’t forget to protect your tech devices from the cold weather, too.

Frigid temps can sap battery life and crack screens. Snow and slush — any moisture, really — can wreak havoc on batteries, circuits and speakers. And wild temperature swings from moving between indoor heat and outdoor cold can damage screens.

Here’s some advice for protecting your smartphone and other mobile devices when cold and wet weather hits, as well as a tip for trying to save a wet gadget.


09 Oct: 5 Things You Need To Know When Trading in Your Phone

There’s nothing like the feeling of a brand new smartphone with the newest technology at your fingertips (not to mention the bragging rights) – and the feeling is even better if you can get some money back for the outdated one.

That’s where Best Buy steps in. With our trade-in program, you can get money back for that cellphone you no longer need, based on the condition and original accessories you bring in.

Here are five tips to make sure that process goes smoothly:

  1. Get an estimate.

18 May: Prevent Tech Tragedies with Six Geek Squad Tips

Lost or stolen laptop. Cracked smartphone screen. Computer crash in the middle of a term paper. We’ve all heard the horror stories, experienced the moments of panic and faced the consequences.

What’s the best way to prevent these tech tragedies? Be prepared. To help you with that, Geek Squad shares the top six tech problems our clients experience and tips for preventing them from happening in the first place.

1. Make recovery media as soon as you purchase your new computer. 

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10 Feb: Play Cupid with These Gifts of Love from Best Buy

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and this year Americans will spend more on gifts than ever before — $19 billion, claims the National Retail Federation.

And no shocker here: men will spend nearly twice as much on gifts as women – close to $200 on average.

So gentlemen, don’t settle on flowers and chocolates from the closest drug store. Best Buy has a great selection of classy, cupid-inspired gifts to choose instead.

Designer Inspired Accessories

Make your fashionista feel special with an exclusive Isaac Mizrahi tablet or phone case from this popular designer’s brand new Valentine’s Day collection.


09 Jan: Protect Your Tech Gear from the Winter Elements

For many of us, the polar vortex is back. Not a fan of the frigid temps? You’re not alone – chances are your tech gear feels the same way.

Drastic changes in temperature – as you switch between indoors and outdoors – can do some damage to screens and other parts of your gadgets. Be proactive and keep your gear safe and happy this winter with these tips from Geek Squad: 


  1. Use a protective case for your gear: Most of us keep our cell phones in our pockets or purses, which lowers the chance of harm, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.