27 Sep: Best Buy and Marshmello remix cooking with a new air fryer collection

By now, most of us have heard of the air fryer. Over the past few years they’ve quickly become a kitchen or dorm room staple and rightfully so, as they can make even a beginner look like the next top chef. And the best part? Little to no oil is needed and the prep work is nearly nonexistent. 

So what could possible make this ingenious gadget even better? Well, we’re about to tell you.

This fall, we’re teaming up with kitchenware brand CRUX and chart-topping artist Marshmello to bring customers a new lineup of air fryers and accessories.

FCS sustainable case blog

15 Sep: Best Buy launches protective cases with sustainable packaging for new iPhone 14 lineup

Our sustainability journey has pushed us to continually find new ways to innovate within our operations and beyond. That includes making Best Buy’s exclusive brand products and the packaging they come in more sustainable. 

We’re launching an expansive line of protective cases for the new iPhone 14 lineup, and there’s something special about the packaging they come in: it’s being made with sustainably sourced paper that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). The phone cases are the largest lineup yet of Best Buy exclusive brand products to get the eco-friendly packaging.

Jay Minyety photography day

19 Aug: Retail supervisor captures picture-perfect team culture

Jay Minyety never took his photography skills seriously until someone expressed interest in purchasing one of his pictures. That’s when Jay, then an associate in the digital imaging department of Best Buy Store 1028 in Midtown Manhattan, New York, decided to focus on his passion.  
Today, Jay is a retail supervisor at Store 821 in Raleigh, North Carolina. As the “culture captain” in the store, he uses his camera to foster a fun and inclusive environment for his team.  
“The feeling of capturing a moment with people, I feel satisfied knowing that I’m able to tell a story through pictures,” he said.


19 Aug: Minnesota Twins pitch Best Buy Teen Tech Center youth on tech in sports

The Minnesota Twins on Wednesday hosted 50 participants from local Best Buy® Teen Tech CentersTM for a major league lesson in how pro baseball is on the cutting edge of tech.

“Technology is an integral part of any business and is especially relevant in sports,” said Ann Miller, a Twins spokesperson. “Teens who dream of a career in sports — or tech — will be introduced to a whole new avenue to realize these goals.”

The teens’ trip to the ballpark is part of an ongoing partnership between Best Buy and the Twins to engage the community and provide educational and career-preparedness opportunities to youth.

esg water reduction

16 Aug: Best Buy reduces water consumption 24% since 2019

Water scarcity is a growing issue nation-wide. That’s why we are taking steps to reduce our water consumption and help our customers do the same.

By monitoring our water consumption across our business, we are proud to share that we have reduced our water usage across the company by 24% since 2019. From our stores to distribution centers and headquarters in Minnesota, we are committed to sustainably managing the water we use to help the planet.

Here’s a quick look at steps we’ve taken to achieve our goal to reduce the amount of water we use across our business.

Pokemon Go blog

01 Aug: Catch ’em all at Best Buy! Select stores evolve into Pokémon GO stops

Calling all Pokémon trainers! For two weeks, select Best Buy stores will become temporary PokéStops as part of Pokémon GO, the augmented reality mobile game that brings the exciting Pokémon universe into the real world. 

Whether you’re looking for your very own Pikachu or going head-to-head with a Dragonite, we’re here to help. From Aug. 1-14, brave trainers can venture into more than 800 Best Buy stores to experience the exciting world of Pokémon. At the PokéStops, players can find and collect essential items, like PokéBalls and Pokémon eggs, to take their adventure to the next level. 

tech tips - bts

29 Jul: Top tips for back to school at Best Buy

We know back-to-school shopping can sometimes feel a lot like homework, especially when you’re trying to find the best laptop. Well, have no fear because sales advisor Freddy Herb, from our Raleigh, North Carolina store has some A+ advice on how to find the perfect device. The best part? Freddy is also a student which means he’s studied up on the latest trends features and how they can help you in a real classroom setting.  

Know the requirements 

Before looking for a new laptop, make sure you know what you’ll be using it for. 

Samsung Repair Blog

14 Jul: Best Buy expands Samsung Authorized Service and Repair in stores nationwide

Last fall, we introduced our Samsung Authorized Service and Repair to offer customers a full suite of repair solutions for their Samsung smartphones.  

Today we’re bringing that service to even more of our customers by rolling it out it in more than 250 Best Buy stores across the country. With the expansion, more customers will have access to in-person support for nearly all Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy S and Note devices, as well as the Galaxy Z series of foldable smartphones.

theraface collage

06 May: Best Buy expands health, outdoor living, and transportation categories

Earlier this year, we said we’d be expanding and launching new product categories that solve your needs. Today, we’re excited to share some updates on a few different collections you will soon see in select Best Buy stores and on  

Health and wellness 

Technology’s role in the health and wellness industry has grown quickly over the past few years, ranging from products that help monitor blood pressure to innovative skin care devices.  

On that note, nearly 300 Best Buy stores (and

mothers day blog

27 Apr: Best gifts for the moms in your life this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and the yearly struggle to figure out a gift that can show how much you appreciate the moms in your life once again hits. No need to fret any longer – Best Buy has a selection of tech gifts for all the different moms out there. Shop online or stop by a store to talk to a Blue Shirt for recommendations on what they are gifting this year.

We’ve pulled out a few recommendations for the different types of moms out there.