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28 Dec: The Not-Very-Exciting (But Very Necessary) Gadget You Need? A Great Router

A 4K TV, gaming console, tablet and a whole bunch of new smart home gadgets. It was a tech-cellent holiday at your house this year!

But, wait. Why’s your Wi-Fi running so slow? And why can’t you get everything to connect?

The excitement can quickly turn to frustration if your home network can’t support those new — and existing – devices.

A premium router might not have been at the top of your family’s wish list, but it’s essential for keeping those other new devices connected to the internet and running smoothly.

Best Buy - Wi-Fi

29 Sep: If Your Wi-Fi Makes You Cry, An Agent Can Help

My woes with home Wi-Fi started with monthly text messages from my wireless carrier days before the month was up: “FYI, you’ve used 90 percent of your shared data…”

Our inadequate Wi-Fi was responsible for mounting consternation, including but not limited to:

  • Whining from my gamer child: “MOOOOOM. This isn’t working! It’s BROKEN!”
  • Frustration from my husband, “Why can’t I do anything on my tablet?”
  • And the dreaded spinning “buffering” circle that displayed while streaming my fave home remodeling show.

We’d been eking by with a spotty wireless network, and we’d been doing it

for too long.

Best Buy - Wi-Fi

19 Oct: Geek Squad’s New Setup & Support Service Helps Solve Your Wi-Fi Woes

It happened again.

You’re ready to kick back with some popcorn and watch that new movie on Netflix, but as soon as you push play, you’re greeted with that dreaded circle that never seems to stop spinning.

It’s another buffering issue because of a poor Wi-Fi connection.

But there’s help. Enter the new Home Wi-Fi Setup & Support service from Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

Going well beyond what internet service providers typically offer, Geek Squad Agents will optimize your router’s performance by configuring advanced settings you might not know exist.