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28 Oct: Best Buy employees serve their communities on Election Day and beyond

Best Buy is committed to support employees in using their voice and exercising their rights, whether it’s through voting, volunteering or becoming an elected official.

With Election Day just around the corner (Nov. 8), we talked to a few employees to learn about how and why they’re getting involved to serve their communities.

Volunteering at the polls on Election Day

Voting locations all over the country are looking to recruit thousands of individuals to help keep polling sites open and available for in-person voting.


30 Oct: Employees Get Paid Time Off to Work at the Polls

This year, for the first time, Best Buy is giving our employees paid time off so they can volunteer at official polling stations across the country on Election Day. 

It’s part of our broader commitment to support all employees however they choose to participate in the day, whether that is through voting or volunteering to have their voices heard. We’ve also announced that our stores won’t open until noon local time to ensure employees can exercise their right to vote, if they choose.


30 Oct: Minneapolis Teen Uses Power of Music to Encourage Others to Vote

Olivia Pierce is a student who is using her talents to promote change by encouraging people to vote this election season.

Following recent calls for action regarding racial injustice, Olivia — who goes by the stage name Moyana Olivia — wrote a song and created a music video with the help of her peers at a Best Buy Teen Tech Center in Minneapolis.

“This song was written to raise awareness to racial injustice and encourage people to take tangible action against police brutality by voting in the general election of November 2020,” she wrote on Instagram.


26 Oct: These Best Buy employees will be voting for themselves this year

Temmy Olasimbo has never been so excited for Election Day. That’s because this year she’s on the ballot.

Temmy, a customer experience research analyst at Best Buy, is running for city council in suburban Woodbury, Minnesota. She had felt called to serve and finally decided to pursue public office after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis.

“I thought, ‘What more can I do?’” she said. “I’ve always been a doer, and I felt it was time to do more.”

Temmy is one of several Best Buy employees who will be on the ballot this Election Day.


17 Sep: Best Buy Opening Late On Election Day, Offering Paid Time Off For Poll Workers

With Election Day less than two months away, it’s incredibly important to us that our employees feel empowered to share their voices by voting. And as we said earlier this year, we’re doing more than ever to make sure all our employees have time to do so.  

That’s why this year, for the first time, our stores won’t open until noon local time on Election Day, so our store employees have the time they need to cast a ballot in person, if they choose. Beyond that, we will make accommodations to ensure those who work in our supply chain locations, field offices, call centers and customers’ homes also get the time they need.