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21 Sep: A year after Hurricane Maria, 4 employees share their stories

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, three Best Buy stores and a distribution center in Puerto Rico all sustained significant damage. But the company’s immediate recovery efforts focused on helping employees there.

Best Buy chartered a small airplane to get badly needed supplies — including food, water and diapers — to our employees on the island. We also used it to fly employees to the U.S. mainland. In all, 47 employees and 29 family members chose to leave the island.

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20 Mar: From Puerto Rico to Denver and Back: An Agent’s Post-Hurricane Adventure

For Geek Squad Agent Marcos Puchols, Hurricane Maria started a whirlwind adventure that would lead him from Puerto Rico to Denver and back again.

In the early days after the storm, many Puerto Ricans found themselves without food, water or electricity. And, with Best Buy’s stores on the island damaged, Marcos wasn’t sure what his future held.

But that uncertainty quickly gave way to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With help from Best Buy, Marcos temporarily relocated to Denver, where he and his wife, Kathy, were able to work and maintain some sense of normalcy.