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13 Nov: Cut the Cord? Here’s How to Watch Your Favorite TV Shows

It’s time to grab a warm blanket and settle in for a full slate of fall TV. All of our favorite shows are back for new seasons, and we get our first look at the new breakout hits. Plus, sports fans can revel in a full lineup of football, basketball and hockey.

But what if you’re one of the 22 million U.S. adults expected to cut the cord by the end of 2017? Have no fear. It’s possible to stay on top of the action without being tethered to a costly cable or satellite package.

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20 Jan: Here’s How to Move Your New TV the Safe Way

If you plan on picking out that perfect new TV and taking it home yourself, come prepared with the right vehicle.

Those fancy thin screens with superb pictures are super fragile and need to be handled with TLC. Here are some tips for getting a new television home and set up safely. (Check out this tool to help you find the perfect tv.)

Ask for help

Have another person assist you with carrying the box and installation.

Stay upright

Never, ever lay the TV flat — especially in your vehicle.

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18 Jan: 5 Mistakes People Make When Buying a New TV

The average American only replaces their TV once every seven or eight years, so it’s a purchase you really want to make sure you get right.

You’ll want to do your homework because odds are a lot has changed since you bought your last television. Best Buy’s TV Buying Guide is a great place to start for everything you need to know about the latest technology, like 4K Ultra HD and high dynamic range.

But it’s also important to know what not to do.

LG Experience Wall at Best Buy

06 Jul: Best Buy Home Theater Gets Even Better with LG Experience

Starting this week, there’s no better place to see the latest innovations – including OLED and SUPER UHD TV – that LG has to offer your living room than at Best Buy.

That’s because the first-ever LG Experience interactive display wall has arrived in nearly 400 Best Buy stores nationwide and it’s helping TV shoppers experience the latest TV technologies and find the TV that’s right for them.

TV technology is breaking new boundaries, and while exciting, these new features and “tech jargon” that comes with them can create a daunting landscape to navigate.

Best Buy Magnolia Home Theater 6

03 Feb: You Wish Your TV Room Looked Like This

Man Cave. Media Room. Home Theater.

No matter what you call it, the TV room is the coolest room in the house.

And with pro football’s Big Game coming up on Feb. 7, take a moment and look at the drool-inducing television creations our friends at Magnolia can whip up and turn into reality.

Just a heads up: these half-dozen photos are jaw dropping. Don’t act like we didn’t warn you.

The ‘Forget the Stadium, Get Stadium Seating’ Setup

Best Buy Magnolia Home Theater 4

Best Buy Magnolia Home Theater 4


The ‘TV Room With a View’ Experience

Best Buy Magnolia Home Theater 3


The ‘Thrice As Nice’ TV Room

Best Buy Magnolia Home Theater 6


The ‘No Big Deal, But My Media Room’s Stone Cold Beautiful’ Layout

Best Buy Magnolia Home Theater 1


The ‘Modern Minimalist’s Vision of a Home Theater’ Design

Best Buy Magnolia Home Theater 5


The ‘TVs Don’t Get Much Bigger Than This’ Creation

Best Buy Magnolia Home Theater 2 2


TV-Best Buy

26 Jan: TV Has Come a Long Way Since First Broadcast 90 Years Ago

Catch today’s Google Doodle?

The illustration celebrates the 90th anniversary of John Logie Baird’s first public showing of a live television broadcast. Baird’s TV displayed a blurry, but recognizable, face of a person speaking while manipulating a ventriloquist dummy to a group of London scientists and one journalist.

While the 1926 broadcast on the small 3.5 x 2 inch screen (think roughly the size of an iPhone 5 screen) was groundbreaking, The Daily Telegraph notes that it left the lone journalist in attendance skeptical as to whether the new medium would take off.


08 Jan: Meet HDR, the Latest in TV Technology

The newest big-screen TVs are always a top draw on the CES show floor, providing an early look at the drool-worthy technology that will be heading to Best Buy stores and consumers’ living rooms in the year ahead.

Recent years have featured the launch of 4K Ultra HD and OLED displays. There have been 100-inch screens and TVs so incredibly thin they make your smartphone look fat.

[callout] Need help choosing the right TV for your home?
Best Buy’s TV buying guide will get you up to speed.

Audio Tips2

02 Sep: 5 Tips To Kick Up Your Home Theater Sound System

Say goodbye to the days when you could get by without having some sort of sound system for your television. As pictures have improved with 4K/UHD, the audio components haven’t quite kept pace.

To get the full immersive audio-visual experience, you’ve got to throw some audio equipment into the mix.

Assembling a sound system can be tough, but Best Buy is here to help get your audio game on point with these tips.

1. Ditch the wires

Wireless sound systems are quickly becoming the standard for home theater.

Best Buy UHD Lounge Pic 1

04 Nov: Relax at JFK Airport in Best Buy’s New Ultra HD Lounge

Starting today, tis the season for those in Jet Blue’s Terminal 5 at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

That’s where the Best Buy Ultra HD Lounge welcomes weary travelers to kick back in one of 12 plush leather seats (with cup holders) and enjoy a TV picture that’s four times sharper than HDTV.

The lounge features three 65-inch 4K Ultra High Definition TVs (thanks to Samsung, LG and Sony) and will be showing what the future of TV looks like, with the help from UltraFlix entertainment content.

Toddler Kiss

12 Jul: Watch a Toddler Land an Adorable First Kiss While Shopping with his Dad at Best Buy

Best Buy’s apparently also the place for the best first kisses.

While shopping with his dad, little Julian becomes smitten with an adorable girl. She just happens to be featured on the box of a Toshiba HDTV.

That doesn’t matter to Julian, who plants a big kiss on his crush. Luckily for all of us, Julian’s father captured the moment, and it has already been featured on Yahoo and Buzzfeed. Watch it unfold below.



Best Buy - Rochester, MN

15 May: Here’s Where the First Batch of Samsung and Sony Home Theater Experiences Are Arriving

Sony and Samsung Combo Final

Best Buy promised the roll out of the best-in-class home theater experience earlier this month.

And now the first batch of those market-leading entertainment spaces are coming to a store near you.

Click here to view and/or download video of the transformation.

By the end of May, more than 130 stores will have either the Samsung Entertainment Experience or the Sony Experience — and some may have both.

The following list — alphabetized by state — are locations that will boast the completely new home theater space.

Jonah Hill Conan

28 Feb: Jonah Hill Thanks Best Buy. Now Best Buy Thanks Him with Buy One, Get One Deals on His Movies.

Jonah Hill Photo

From Superbad to Moneyball to 21 Jump Street — you now can easily own these cornerstones of Jonah Hill’s career.

Between March 2-8, Best Buy is offering a Buy One, Get One deal on select Jonah Hill movies, in addition to making special in-store prices available on select Jonah Hill films throughout the week.

Why? Because Best Buy is thanking Jonah Hill after the Oscar-nominated actor praised the Honolulu Best Buy store for its role in perfecting his patter while he wore veneers to become his character Donny Azoff in The Wolf of Wall Street