Best Buy Teen Tech Centers


06 Nov: In pandemic, partners help get tech to teens

From access to software to learning the latest tech, Best Buy Teen Tech Centers are helping address the opportunity gap for teens in disinvested communities.

We know we can’t do it alone, so we work with a range of partners across the country — including a number of our vendor partners — to empower youth with the technology and tools they need to thrive now and in the future.  

“What we’re trying to do with our Teen Tech Centers and Career Pathways programs is really to help build brighter futures for teens,” said Andrea Wood, vice president of social impact.


22 Oct: Teen Tech Center youth design PopSockets for a cause

This summer, 17-year-old Joe Hernandez had an opportunity to design his own PopSockets PopGrip, and make his voice heard at the same time.

Joe’s design, a raised black fist on the background of a Pride flag, represents the importance of looking at activism through the lens of intersectionality — something he learned by having friends in the Black and LGBTQIA+ communities.

“I thought it would be a good idea to try and show that equality is more than just a few steps in one direction,” he said.


07 Feb: Building a culture of mentorship

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by black people in America, past and present. This February, Best Buy is proud to highlight the central role its black employees, leaders and vendors play in writing the next chapter of the company, our communities and the tech industry.

Picture a summer afternoon in a park in Pittsburgh. Teens are playing basketball and baseball, hanging out on the grass and chatting. A young man is selling hotdogs to the crowd. Suddenly, there’s a buzz overhead.


02 Feb: Tour Michael Johnson’s Selma, Best Buy Teen Tech Center [Video]

Ten seasons as a professional football player have given Michael Johnson the ability to give back to his hometown of Selma, Alabama.

One way he’s doing that is by sponsoring a Best Buy Teen Tech Center. In a Teen Tech Center, youth learn new tech skills, stay on-track with school, nurture positive adult and peer relationships and get exposed to new career possibilities.

Michael sees the Teen Tech Center as a way to provide access and opportunity to students in Selma.


30 Oct: How Best Buy is training today’s girls for tomorrow’s tech careers

Tomorrow’s careers will require today’s students to know more than just reading, writing and arithmetic. Demand for technology skills is on the rise, and Best Buy is providing youth — especially girls — with ways to discover what’s new, dream about what’s possible and develop a plan for a successful future.

“Giving young women an opportunity to succeed in a tech-reliant career is an important focus of the social impact programming we develop at Best Buy,” said Andrea Riehl, manager of Best Buy’s signature social impact programs.


24 Oct: Best Buy’s first Give-Back Sale will help prepare teens for tech careers

Let the giving season begin. Starting today, Best Buy is giving its customers an opportunity to get a jumpstart on the season and support teens from underserved communities with its first Give-Back Sale.

Starting today and running through Oct. 27, 5% of profits from select sale items at Best Buy (in stores and online) will be donated to Teen Tech Centers — safe, after-school learning spaces equipped with cutting-edge technology where youth learn new skills, stay on track with school, nurture positive adult and peer relationships, and discover career pathways.

Best Buy Denver Teen Tech Center Opening

27 Sep: Teen Tech Center alumni carry passion on to college

Juanluis Monje has always had a creative streak, ranging from painting to drawing to making video games.

In high school, he started going to the Best Buy Teen Tech Center in suburban Denver. It had all kinds of cutting-edge technology, including 3D printing, virtual reality, music production and robotics. What he found was a way to give some structure to that creativity and passion.

“The Teen Tech Center gave me all of the design tools, like Photoshop and Illustrator, which sparked my interest in design,” he said.


20 Sep: What did they do this summer? Learned career skills

When the summer started, Teri Jones and Ted Ritts were shy. Super shy, they’d say.

But an internship — organizing a community block party for Level Up Studios, a nonprofit creative arts center in northeast Pittsburgh — would help with that. Over the summer, the pair would need to line up sponsors, ask for donations, schedule food and entertainment, and navigate the city permitting process. That meant talking to strangers, being persuasive and, on occasion, getting comfortable being told “no.”


27 Aug: Best Buy, pro athlete partner to bring Teen Tech Center to Selma

The first Best Buy Teen Tech Center in Alabama officially opened its doors on Tuesday.

Located on the campus of Wallace Community College in Selma (WCCS), the center is the result of a partnership among the college, Best Buy and pro football veteran Michael Johnson’s MJ 93-90 Foundation. Area teens will be able learn hands-on tech and workforce readiness skills, including music and video production, graphic design, robotics, virtual reality, coding and resume building.

The opening is a big milestone for Best Buy because it’s our 30th Teen Tech Center in operation, bringing us halfway toward our goal of 60 centers opened or identified by the end of 2020.

TTC coming soon

30 Apr: Best Buy Picks Sites for Next 5 Teen Tech Centers

Best Buy is forging ahead with the rapid expansion of its Teen Tech Center program, announcing five new locations that will open in 2020.

We’re adding a location in Los Angeles, where we opened one in 2016. We’ll also open our first locations in El Paso, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri; Portland, Oregon; and San Jose, California.

Teen Tech Centers are free, interactive learning spaces where teens can explore technology and learn how to use it with the help of other teens and adult mentors.


29 Mar: Brooklyn is home to Best Buy’s newest Teen Tech Center

Jasmine Morris has been going to the King’s Highway branch of the Brooklyn Public Library almost daily since seventh grade. Now, a little over two years later, there’s more reason than ever to visit.

That’s because the library is now home to a Best Buy Teen Tech Center, a free, interactive learning space where teens like Jasmine can explore technology and learn how to use it. There are computers, cameras, virtual reality devices, a 3-D printer and full music studio.

“My first time going to the center, it was literally jaw-dropping,” Jasmine, 14, said at a grand opening event on Thursday.

Cleveland Teen Tech Center

16 Nov: Cleveland Teen Tech Center is filling the talent pipeline

When you think of tech jobs, it’s often the creators of products and services who come to mind – the programmers, engineers and entrepreneurs.

But tech jobs come in many shapes and sizes. Some are behind the scenes, but just as crucial, like repair technicians or quality control associates. Through our Best Buy Teen Tech Centers, we are preparing teens for all of the tech jobs of the future.

Our newest Teen Tech Center in Cleveland is doing just that. Regency Technologies, one of our longstanding electronics recycling partners, co-sponsored this Teen Tech Center, specifically with our Career Pathways program in mind.