Career Pathways


10 Feb: Best Buy’s Career Pathways program propels teens to tomorrow’s careers — today

In New Orleans — a city steeped in music and the birthplace of jazz — a Best Buy Teen Tech Center is honoring the town’s rich musical tradition by helping up-and-coming artists shine. How? By giving them the tools to turn passion into profession.

Each week, Raymie Wolfe meets with a group of local teens and helps them take a deep dive into electronic music production, video creation and audio engineering. By following a curriculum developed through a partnership with the GRAMMY MUSEUM, the teens are able to earn industry-level certifications in audio production, as well as become proficient in using industry-standard tools and recording equipment.

Best Buy Denver Teen Tech Center Opening

27 Sep: Teen Tech Center alumni carry passion on to college

Juanluis Monje has always had a creative streak, ranging from painting to drawing to making video games.

In high school, he started going to the Best Buy Teen Tech Center in suburban Denver. It had all kinds of cutting-edge technology, including 3D printing, virtual reality, music production and robotics. What he found was a way to give some structure to that creativity and passion.

“The Teen Tech Center gave me all of the design tools, like Photoshop and Illustrator, which sparked my interest in design,” he said.


20 Sep: What did they do this summer? Learned career skills

When the summer started, Teri Jones and Ted Ritts were shy. Super shy, they’d say.

But an internship — organizing a community block party for Level Up Studios, a nonprofit creative arts center in northeast Pittsburgh — would help with that. Over the summer, the pair would need to line up sponsors, ask for donations, schedule food and entertainment, and navigate the city permitting process. That meant talking to strangers, being persuasive and, on occasion, getting comfortable being told “no.”

Cleveland Teen Tech Center

16 Nov: Cleveland Teen Tech Center is filling the talent pipeline

When you think of tech jobs, it’s often the creators of products and services who come to mind – the programmers, engineers and entrepreneurs.

But tech jobs come in many shapes and sizes. Some are behind the scenes, but just as crucial, like repair technicians or quality control associates. Through our Best Buy Teen Tech Centers, we are preparing teens for all of the tech jobs of the future.

Our newest Teen Tech Center in Cleveland is doing just that. Regency Technologies, one of our longstanding electronics recycling partners, co-sponsored this Teen Tech Center, specifically with our Career Pathways program in mind.