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17 Mar: Best Buy’s Allison Peterson talks ‘customer obsession’ at SXSW

Best Buy has always been focused on our customer experience, but we’re continually aiming to take that focus to new levels.

Allison Peterson is leading those efforts as our chief customer officer. It’s a role that’s focused on identifying and meeting our customers’ needs while also building a “customer obsessed” culture throughout the company.

Allison talked more about her role and the work of Best Buy’s Customer Office during a session at SXSW on Wednesday. Here are a few highlights from her conversation with Accenture Chief Strategy Officer Baiju Shah.


14 Dec: Store welcomes 6-year-old as both shopper and ‘employee’

As soon as little Parker Buchholz could toddle around on his own, he’d scope out the back of his parents’ TV or fiddle with their DVDs. Fast-forward a few years and the boy’s fascination with electronics has grown right along with him.

Now Parker is 6 years old and one of his favorite places is, you guessed it, Best Buy. And when he and his family walk into the store in Fort Wayne, Indiana, his inner expert comes out.

“He names every TV and talks about how big they are, along with the USB and auxiliary ports — things a typical 6-year-old wouldn’t know,” said his mom, Erika.


30 Oct: How Best Buy is providing a safe holiday shopping experience

As has been the case throughout the pandemic, and especially true this holiday season, nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers and employees.

As an essential retailer, we are continually reviewing reputable, third-party data, CDC and local health department recommendations and direct feedback from our local store teams to guide decisions about the safest way to provide customers with the technology products they need to work, learn and eat at home. Rest assured, this rigorous approach will continue as long as COVID-19 is a reality in our lives.


21 Oct: Ohio first grader wins Halloween with Geek Squad Costume

Most 6-year-old boys will probably be wearing superhero costumes for Halloween this year, but not Aidan Markworth. He’s dressing as a Geek Squad Agent.

The Ohio first grader already has the persona nailed down. He has a white shirt, a black clip-on tie and a serious love of technology.

“He desperately wants to work at the Geek Squad,” said his mom, Kelly. “He breaks down and starts to cry when I tell him his has to wait 12 more years.”

Aidan’s passion for technology started with a child’s tablet and asking the Google Mini questions.


03 Aug: Employee’s Act Of Kindness Surprises Louisiana Customer

Jenn Bourque was so excited about the great deal she got on a new TV at that she wasn’t even upset when it arrived with a shattered screen.

She simply drove to her local store in Lafayette, Louisiana, to exchange it. And while she was there, she decided to upgrade to a nicer model.

One problem: She didn’t have her wallet, and she was $7.82 short on cash.

“I’ve got it,” the store associate, Kentrell Balthazar, said to her surprise.

Dad and Me

10 Jan: Hearing his late father’s voice again, in a Best Buy store

Just a few days into 2019, one customer says Best Buy has already made his year by saving something he couldn’t replace: his late father’s voice.

Halidor Arkellsson is a longtime Best Buy customer whose father’s confusion about voicemail turned out to be a gift he treasured.

His father, Dale, liked that answering machines allowed him to talk until someone heard him and picked up the phone to continue the conversation. But when phone technology evolved to software-based voicemail and took away that interactive feature, Halidor’s dad didn’t immediately convert along with it.

Best Buy same-day delivery

06 Apr: Best Buy Is Testing Same-Day Delivery

Want to get your hands on the latest technology — or everyday must-haves like printer ink — quickly but don’t have time to stop by a store? Best Buy has good news for you.

The company announced Wednesday that it’s expanding its test of same-day delivery service to 13 major metro markets across the United States.

We started the pilot in San Francisco last fall and expanded it to New York early this year. We’ve since added Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington, D.C.