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16 Nov: How to create your own restaurant or spa experience, right at home

This year, our homes became much more than just living spaces. They became our offices, day care centers, yoga studios and everything in between.

We might not have seen it coming, but this shift has taught us that we’re resilient beings, capable of adapting to fit our needs.

These needs come in many forms, like setting up comfortable spaces to work or to relax. Renovations and upgrades have surged in the past six months as many people seek to create a safe haven of sorts.


16 Nov: Thermador Makes It Easy To Personalize Your Space

Personalization is more than a trend. It’s the new way of living.

Now more than ever, clients are transitioning their homes into personalized sanctuaries completely designed around the way they live.

Discover how to elevate any room in the home with Thermador luxury appliances.

Customize your kitchen

From a decadent speakeasy, a pup-friendly lounge or a space completely dedicated to self-care, Thermador goes beyond the standard kitchen to meet your client exactly where they’re at.

A Wine Preservation Column and Glass Care Center Dishwasher are the perfect addition to any space designed around entertaining.


16 Nov: House of Rohl fixtures tell story of handcrafted precision

When looking to make a big impact in an environment full of bustle and noise, a good story is an excellent place to start. Enter House of Rohl.

For House of Rohl, it’s a story of handcrafted precision. From initial creation to addressing the challenges of today, this family of luxury kitchen and bath fixtures embraces key principles that led to its continued success.

It all stems from House of Rohl’s focus on talent, grit and a vision for a cleaner future, said Vik Szemerei, the brand’s director of strategic accounts.