18 Jul: EMT-certified Agent helps fellow Agent at crash scene

Geek Squad Agents Lizandra Hernandez and William Lomeli were driving between house calls in Fresno, California, one morning in early June when they came upon a crash involving a car and a motorcycle at a busy intersection.

First responders hadn’t arrived yet, so Lizandra — a certified EMT — took charge. She jumped out of the Geek Squad van and began to assess the condition of the motorcyclist.

While checking for life-threatening injuries, she asked the man to remove his jacket. She noticed he was wearing a white, short-sleeved shirt and a black tie.

Best Buy - adoption

29 Jun: In one Best Buy family, love comes by the dozen

Every day, Matt Baerbock drives home from his marketing job at Best Buy’s headquarters and hugs his wife and kids.

All 10 of them.

Matt and his wife, Sara, have 10 children, between the ages of 3 and 15. Five are adopted, including a trio of siblings that the Baerbocks just brought home from Ukraine to Minnesota a few weeks ago.

That’s twelve people under one, three-bedroom roof.

“I know a lot of people think we’re crazy,” Matt said. “But I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.”


21 Jun: Found at Best Buy: new career and a dream come true

Cheri Howard had it all. A beautiful family, boundless ambition and a great job with a Nebraska police department.

She thought she would retire as the department’s commander of front-end operations and see her kids off to college. But then a merger happened, and she lost her job of 26 years.

“It was debilitating, honestly,” she said. “For a while, I felt like a fish out of water. I did not have a clear path and wondered if I was going to be able to survive it.”

Best Buy - help

18 Jun: Best Buy volunteers are happy to help in their communities

You know Best Buy employees as the people who can help you pick out the perfect piece of tech. They’re also people who help in their communities, doing things such as tutoring students, serving food and even checking coats.

In the Cincinnati area, employees from the seven Best Buy stores there volunteer in big numbers. They help out at everything from museum fairs and youth symposiums to 5K races and after-school programs.

“There are no limitations on our volunteer programs,” says Brian Stevens, who’s the administrative assistant for the Best Buy market that includes Cincinnati.


06 Jun: For this Best Buy employee, a marathon wasn’t enough

For most runners, a marathon is the accomplishment of a lifetime. For others, like Luis Montoya, 26.2 miles just won’t cut it.

Luis, an employee at the Best Buy store in Warwick, Rhode Island, started running seven years ago to lose weight and get in better shape. He ran a 5K, then a 10K, a half marathon and finally a full marathon. But he didn’t stop there.

Luis, 53, now runs ultramarathons. He has completed races of 32 miles and 50 miles, and he’s currently training for a 100-mile race.


31 May: Magnolia installer celebrates 35 years on the job

Tom Wood went to a Magnolia Hi-Fi store in 1983 to buy a stereo for his orange Ford Pinto. He was so impressed with the experience that he returned the following week to apply for a job.

Then 23 years old, he started as a car audio installer. When asked about his future plans at a 90-day job performance review, he said, “I’ll give it a year and see how it goes.”

He never left.

Tom recently celebrated his 35th anniversary with Magnolia, a premium audio and video brand that Best Buy acquired in 2000.

Best Buy - brothers

10 Apr: Brothers in Best Buy Blue

Growing up, Kyle Martin was always close to his big brother Kris. But today, they share more than just a last name and some DNA: They share a job title.

Kris and Kyle are general managers at stores in Texas, Kris in Round Rock (outside of Austin) and Kyle in West San Antonio.

Both brothers started at Store 201 in San Antonio while in high school. Kris started on his 17th birthday in 2004 at the recommendation of a close friend, working as a media associate back when CDs and DVDs took up the largest footprint in the store.

Best Buy - hurricane

20 Mar: From Puerto Rico to Denver and Back: An Agent’s Post-Hurricane Adventure

For Geek Squad Agent Marcos Puchols, Hurricane Maria started a whirlwind adventure that would lead him from Puerto Rico to Denver and back again.

In the early days after the storm, many Puerto Ricans found themselves without food, water or electricity. And, with Best Buy’s stores on the island damaged, Marcos wasn’t sure what his future held.

But that uncertainty quickly gave way to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With help from Best Buy, Marcos temporarily relocated to Denver, where he and his wife, Kathy, were able to work and maintain some sense of normalcy.

Best Buy - badges

14 Feb: A Future as Bright as their Badges

When most people vow, “to have and to hold, from this day forward,” they’re not usually talking about their Geek Squad badges.

But for a pair of newlywed Best Buy employees who are also Agents, the promise of forever applies to their shiny shields as well as their gleaming wedding bands.

“We both value this company and the work we have done over the years,” said Mona Gilbert, a market admin serving several Best Buy stores in Florida. “So, we thought it would be interesting to bring our Geek Squad badges to the wedding for photos, to remind us of the great memories and people we have met throughout our careers.”