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07 Aug: 3 easy recipes for cooking at college

College living doesn’t have to be the start of a diet consisting of ramen and macaroni and cheese.

Whether you’re in an apartment or dorm room this year, I’m here to let you know as a recent grad myself, there are options. If you have a microwave, mini fridge, mug and a few ingredients, you can eat like the aspiring foodie you deserve to be.

To help, here are three of my favorite food hacks that take little effort but reap (tasty) benefits.

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27 Mar: Air Fryer Makes Crispy Convenient

I’ll admit I was a total skeptic when I heard about air fryers. I like to keep my kitchen counters bare, and more importantly, I just couldn’t get my head around the concept of using air to fry food.

I’ve always craved texture over taste. I can enjoy a cookie if it’s soft in the middle and crunchy around the perimeter, I scoff at the notion of grilled fish in my tacos and I always select the crispiest bits of popcorn chicken (even the bits of chicken-less fried batter).

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30 Jan: 7 Tasty Recipes for Your Big Game Bash

There are three main ingredients for the perfect Big Game bash — good friends, good football and, of course, good food.

With the Big Game in our backyard this year, we teamed up with fellow Minnesota company General Mills to whip up a full lineup of  snacks for your gameday get-together. These tasty bites are sure to have your partygoers coming back for seconds (and thirds).

Each recipe is quick and easy to throw together with small appliances from Best Buy — and we’re not just talking about slow cookers here.

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05 May: Want Your Drinks Made Your Way? This Tech Can help

Have you ever said “not so hot” or “more froth” when ordering at a coffee shop? How about “on the rocks” or “the hoppier the better” when ordering at a bar or brewery?

If your answer is yes, then you’re in good company. Like lots of other people, you know what you like when it comes to your favorite drinks.

If you like more control and customization, technology is your friend. Whether your favorite brew is specialty coffee, tea or craft beer, check out these options for your kitchen.

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24 Feb: Home Brew: Make Your Coffee the Way You Like it

It’s one of the best smells to wake up to, and many people won’t start their day without it.

Coffee: a warm-me-up, pick-me-up, catch-me-up daily ritual for many.

If you prefer to stay in your pajamas, skip long lines and save some money, you’re in luck. There are more ways than ever to brew at home, and Best Buy can help.

We turned to appliance expert Bri Davis, a Pacific Home and Kitchen specialist in Richfield, Minnesota, to help determine which coffee-making style is appropriate for every at-home barista.

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31 Jan: Gordon Ramsay’s Turkey Sliders Will Spice Up Your Big Game Gathering

It’s almost the day of the Big Game, so, yes, that means there will likely be buffalo wings and taco dip at your party.

But, if you’re looking to get creative this year, world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay has shared some of his recipes that are worthy of the biggest football game of the season.

To make it easy on you, here’s an idea for turkey sliders and salad that will earn you an MVP award with the crowd that comes over to watch the game.

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28 Mar: Small Appliances Make Healthy Batch Cooking a Snap

The author has been compensated by Best Buy to write the following article.

National Nutrition Month is winding down, but that doesn’t mean eating more healthfully can’t be top of mind all the time. One key to putting scratch-cooked, deliciously nutritious meals on the table with relative ease? Batch cooking!

It’s easy. Just prepare larger portions of fresh food once or twice a week, then build off the components to create two or more fast and healthful meals instead of grabbing takeout or ordering in.